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How To Gain Clients For My Machining Business/Machine Shop

Let’s face it-it’s a tough world out there. Competition is steep, suppliers are everywhere, and prospective clients have options. However, the industry market size for machine shop has continued to increase since 2014, and better yet, it’s expected to continue in that trend.

Let’s focus on a few things here:

Search Engine Visibility

Are you visible in as many places as you can think of? Google listings? Manta? Buzzfile? Those are just to name a few. Reputable companies list their business in as many places as possible. If you’re hard to find, your chances greatly diminish. This is a must. Google some of your competition. See some of the different websites they display on.

Online Presense of your Machine Shop

How is your website? Do you have one? How up to date is it? Do you maintain it? This is critical. Your website is the face of your business. Potential clients will meet your virtual presence before they meet you. You must appeal to them. To many times from potential clients, I hear “I don’t have the money for a website right now”. Many miss the point. A website is to help you GAIN clients, which in turn, generates revenue. If you were already a millionaire, you wouldn’t need to worry about it. But I would venture to say, that most millionaires have a website. A well utilized one at that. Talk to a professional. Don’t shortcut yourself. MFG Empire helps machine shops, tool and die shops, job shops, and manufacturers all across the world. Contact us for a free consultation.

Social Media Management

Do you post on social media at all? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter are all very populated platforms to connect with your audience. They WILL hear you. Maybe not immediately, but in time. Repetition is key. They may not need your service now, but in time they will. Whether they become unhappy with their current source, need new parts, the reason could be any. The more they hear from you, the better your odds.

What's Unique About Your Machining Business

What is your catch? Quality and Precision are used by just about every shop. I get it-it’s important. But with this tag line, you’re no different than the rest. Be creative. Stick out from the shop down the road. Creativity goes a long ways. It very well may be the reason you get the call, versus the other machine shop in town.

Business Development

Stop putting all your marbles into 1 or 2 clients. All to often, machine shops will mention they don’t need work because all of their work comes from 1 or 2 clients. What happens if they fold? Or if they go elsewhere? It’s never a possibility until it becomes. Then you scramble and try to find new. Don’t let it get to that point. It’s devastating when it does. Put this fire out before it becomes, and establish a deeper client base.

A Key to Growth; Sales

Do you have a sales background? If not, consider hiring a qualified sales rep. This is what they do for a living. Let’s be honest, most of us are not good at sales. Many struggle to sell water in a desert. On the other token, a top notch sales rep will sell sand in a desert. They are out there. The difference between a client or non could lye here.

Lead Generation

Find a way to generate leads. I’ve laid out a few steps above with social media, a website, etc. Get a form on your website. Post blurbs on social media. Give reasons as to why they should contact you. If what you post catches they’re attention, you’ll hear from them. If you never post anything, well, you’ll never give yourself an opportunity.


I hope this helps. When it comes to website design for machine shops and manufacturers, social media advertising, logo design, or any marketing material for that matter, MFG Empire can help. MFG Empire specifically works with the manufacturing industry. Take the next steps and take your business to the next level!