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Manufacturing Website

Let’s face it—when it comes to building and branding your business, a website is critical. A manufacturing web site shows off all your potential. From your shop location, to your equipment list, to your experience, to the industries you serve, a manufacturing web site will allow a prospective client to meet you, before they “real life” meet you. How you look online will determine whether you ever hear from them or not. That’s the importance of how your manufacturing web site looks.

There are multiple things you’ll want to keep in mind when designing your brand new manufacturing web site. We’ll cover a few here.

  • How sleek does it look? We live in a modern world where appeal means a lot. Your manufacturing web site should look and perform well. Simple, to the point, but yet sleek.
  • Is it PC AND Mobile friendly? Most viewing now days are done from a mobile device. Your manufacturing web site NEEDS to display perfect on both. There is nothing worse than have to get out the eyeglasses just to view a paragraph or two. That’s an easy way for a potential client to say “goodbye”.
  • Are you providing the info they want to see? The more, the better. Let them know who you are. Let them know WHY they should choose you. Your manufacturing web site should show things such as “About Us’’, “Industries Served”, “Equipment list”, etc. The more you detail, the better. Make them feel confident on pursuing further conversation with you.

Those are just a few things, but there are many more. Here at MFG Empire, we cover every little detail for you. Our entire career has been in the manufacturing industry, so we are sure to cover it all. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are all important, but nothing takes the prize like a website. This is yours. There is no better place to display your passion, your business, and your profession. Put your all into it. Whether you are a machine shop, tool & die shop, CAD designer, machining & fab shop, welder, a manufacturing web site should pay you back tenfold if designed and built proper.

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