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Website Design for
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Are you looking to attract, engage with, and capture more prospective clients? Start with a website design specifically built for your manufacturing company or machine shop.


Manufacturing & Machine Shop Websites That Capture Potential Prospects

A high-quality website is the key building block for effective online marketing and lead generation.

Invest in a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly manufacturing or machining website that generates leads from decision makers, and operates with user-friendly experiences that help them complete their jobs.

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Decades Of Experience In Manufacturing Website Design

Thousands of machining and manufacturing related businesses integrate with MFG Empire to build lead-generating websites.

If you're a manufacturer or machining company looking to increase traffic, generate leads from new prospects, and earn new relationships, an updated website is the central building block to making this happen. Our marketing experts focus solely on the manufacturing and machining industry. We offer website design, development, and ongoing maintenance. See examples of our manufacturing and machining website examples below.

Website Design For Machine Shops

MFG Empire is a central partner in the machining industry with years of experience to tie in. We have a wealth of knowledge that helps to convert qualified leads from machinists. We use that knowledge to design websites that align with your prospects’ needs, allowing you the best opportunity for a conversion.

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Why Team With MFG Empire For Your Website Design and Development?

MFG Empire internally has a coupe decades of experience with machine shops and manufacturers all across the United States. MFG Empire builds websites for machine shops and manufacturers with infrastructure built to compete.

All of our websites are:

  • SEO-Friendly: Our Search Engine Optimization team is constantly evolving with the algorithms utilized by companies such as Google to help strategically rank you as high as possible.
  • Optimized For Leads: Through design, collective CTA’s (Call to Actions), and proper infrastructure, MFG Empire creates a concept to capture potential clients for your shop.
  • Cross Platform Friendly: With the majority of the world, smartphones are the most commonly used viewing device. When developing websites for manufacturers, everything is created to view great for PC’s, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Designed For User-Friendliness: When a prospective buyer is looking around, the idea is to make the process from looking to buying as simplified as possible. The interface and flow should be exactly that. During the development stages, we strive to create the best possible user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website For Manufacturing Website Post-Launch

After taking all the necessary steps through development, and the creation of your manufacturing website, we will want to continue to fine tune. Maintaining a website is as important as the original development. MFG Empire will continue to monitor, update, enhance, add, subtract, and take all the initiatives to ensure the highest of quality is being met. We strive for excellence. Your business is to strive for excellence in manufacturing. Our business is to make sure you are presented with the opportunities. We use a variety of tools to run analytics and properly peak the performance.

Sorting through different analytics can be very trying at times, and time consumable. Our manufacturing website design team is dedicated to analyzing these results, and implementing the necessary actions to achieve the highest of goals. Client communication is key. While we continue to maintain and monitor your machine shop website, we’ll provide necessary statistics to show the website is performing as it should. If you’re looking to generate high-quality leads, create opportunities to bring on new clients, and turn your website into an asset, speak to our manufacturing marketing team at MFG Empire.

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