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Utilizing Valuable Machining Resources Online

Utilizing Valuable Machining Resources Online

Let’s face it, when venturing into the cnc machining world, and/or other manufacturing related ventures, it can be overwhelming. The machining industry offers so much opportunity, but also requires a great wealth of knowledge. You can learn, and learn, and learn, and still have a TON to learn. Machining is fun. Machining is rewarding. Machining can be the ultimate payoff, as long as you put in your dues and do your homework. Let’s start with a few online resources that we have collected over the years.

CNC Zone

This forum is incredible. Thousands of machinists, all on their own mission. Many machine shop owners, many home machinists, many mixed between the two. Need an idea? This is your go-to. It’s the ultimate machinist forum to bounce ideas off of each other. There is so much experience all combined into this group. Whether it be machine specific such as HAAS, Fadal, etc, or CAD/CAM from MasterCAM to SolidCAM, there is a place in the forum for you. Utilize it and you’ll learn a vast amount new ideas to help with the machining trade.

Modern Machine Shop

Here is a well rounded machinist website that offers all sorts of great information. Modern Machine Shop has a magazine that circulates with thousands of like minded machinists around the country. The website is constantly updated with the latest machining and manufacturing news from around the world. They have been in the industry for a long time while continuing to grow at great rates. As a bonus, they also offer a little machining forum where you can talk with other machinists. Find different products and suppliers, read their blog, chat with other machinists all with this gem.


MFG is under new ownership, and one that is very committed to excellence. He’s completely rebuilding this from the core. MFG allows you to do business with other machine shops or manufacturers. Need a quote? Here you go. Are you a manufacturer? If so, sign up and get active. This is a great way to get your machining or manufacturing business seen.

Titans of CNC

Titan Gilroy really pushed all the right buttons on climbing to the top of the CNC machining world. And for good reason. This is a GREAT place to learn. Whether it be 3 axis machining, 2 axis lathe, CAD design or CAD/CAM, there are valuable pieces of info to learn here. They are always posting machining images, videos, tips, etc. They offer machining courses that can really help you become an expert. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

These are just a few options. As I always say, you can never have enough tools in the toolbox. Utilize them all and always be open ears. The best of the best continue to learn.