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Superior Social Media Management
for the Manufacturing Industry

Spanning over two decades in the manufacturing industry, MFG Empire has become a trusted name for machine shops, fabrication shops, and large OEMs. Unlike the average marketing firm, our social media experts have a unique understanding of this intricate and dynamic sector. Through our extensive experience, we know how to best leverage social media to boost your brand, connect with your audience, and drive growth.

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Unmatched Content Creation

At MFG Empire, our team of experts understand how to create compelling content that engages your audience to like, comment, and share through informative posts that showcase your company’s vision, products, and services.

Timely Analytics & Reporting

MFG Empire provides regular reports that detail your social media growth and performance. This date-driven approach allows you to see progress as it happens and adjust the strategy in real-time for the best results possible.

Guaranteed Engagement

Social media has become a very valuable tool for connecting businesses with their customers. We will assist you to build a loyal and active online audience through meaningful and informative posts.

Why MFG Empire?

MFG Empire’s team of experts have over 20 years’ experience working in manufacturing. From the shop floor to the front office, our team understands the unique challenges organizations in the industry face each day. We take great pride in being an industry leader by providing scalable results and bottom-line impact for our customers. When you work with us, you can rely on:

Industry-Leading Social Media Management

At MFG Empire, we are committed to delivering the highest quality social media management in the industry. Our strategies are not only effective but customized to your specific industry and place in the market. Always evolving and growing, we employ the latest trends, techniques, and best practices to ensure success for your business.

Superior Customer Service

Customer services is at the foundation of everything we do. Our team ensures every social media strategy we employ aligns with your company’s vision. goals, and bottom-line objectives. Around the clock, we are on-call to address your concerns, questions, and suggestions.

Customized Social Media Solutions

At MFG Empire, we understand every business faces their own unique set of demands and requirements. As a result, we take a deep dive into your business’s core competencies and capabilities. In this effort, we better understand how to position your facility on social media to reap the best results and guarantee success.

Firstly, we brainstorm and identify all requirements and goals in the way of your progress.

We then offer the most pertinent solution aligned to your situation.

Once we collectively approve the plan, we will move onto development.

After all the tweaks and edits, we ensure your manufacturing website looks exactly like you had envisioned.

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