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Starting a new machine shop or manufacturing related business

Starting a new machine shop or manufacturing related business

Let’s face it. We’re in a marketplace today where competition is everywhere. In the machining industry, we know there are shops everywhere. With competition, you need to really hit the nail on what your prospective client needs. There are several things that go into the equation. Let’s cover a few so that we can get the machine cutting chips, and less reading time for you.

Do you have a website? Without a website, where are you to be found. The shop down the road is already well established. Now it’s time for you to try and make a name. A website does multiple things for you. It brands YOU. This is your image. We are in a day and age where many clients will evaluate your business BEFORE they even talk to you. If they can’t find you, your already out of the question and onto the next. A website will show your services, what industries you serve, your experience in the field, your equipment and capabilities, etc. This is by far the most important tool in the toolbox to finding new potential clients.

Are you prices competitive? Call around to different shops. Check online. You likely recently worked in a shop. You need to be competitive. Each market is slightly different, so you need to compete within your very own. If your just starting and trying to make ends meet, lower the cost. Cost alone will not sell, but it’s certainly important.

LinkedIn. Yes, that’s right. That social media platform that a buddy may have recommended a while back. Or that profile you made a few months ago and just let dwindle. LinkedIn is by the far the best B2B platform there is on the net. Better than Instagram. Better than Twitter. Better than Facebook. By… FAR! Setup your profile and perfect this. Use a professional image and fill out every little detail. The more, the merrier. You’ll gain reputation. Connect with other shops and industry personnel. This is a great step to getting your name out there.

Call around to other shops in the area. Many are overwhelmed with work, I know, that’s a great thing, right? Their loss can be your gain. Always remember to return the favor down the road, when your machining business booms.

These are just a few tips to try and hit the ground running. You can never utilize enough tools. With the tools we are provided with nowadays, we have plenty to use. Machining and manufacturing can be fun. And rewarding. It can also be very frustrating if the right buttons aren’t pushed.