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CNC Machine

Top CNC Machine Companies

When it comes to choosing the right CNC machine for your shop, there are several to choose from. Let’s go over a few of the industry leaders.

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in North America, offering everything from CNC vertical machining centers, to horizontal machining centers, to CNC lathes, and rotary products. Their 1.1 million square foot facility is located in Oxnard, CA. All products are manufactured in the USA. Whether your a small start up shop, or a large corporation with extreme precision cutting, there’s a good chance HAAS has the tools to help you out.

Did you know that Okuma was founded in 1898 when they manufactured and sold their Noodle making machine? Over 100 years later, they are as strong as ever. When it comes to a pioneer in innovation, Okuma is exactly that. Okuma offers a wide variety of products from CNC Machining Centers, to CNC Lathes, to Grinders and Lasers. Whether your a small shop or large, it’s hard to see how Okuma wouldn’t benefit your shop floor. You can find these machines used or new, and are all around a great company to deal with.

Mori Seki (DMG Mori)
Founded in 1948, in Japan, DMG Mori has grown into one of the largest machine tool builders in the world. Offering a wide variety of CNC machining centers that machine up to 5 axis, and CNC Lathes capable of Live Tooling, it’s all around a great machine tool provider. They are a little pricey, but in time you’ll pay yourself back tenfold. Mori Seki is very reputable, with great customer service, and it’s easy to see why their future is still looking as bright as any.

There are many others that deserve mention. Thankful to technology, there is a machine tool out there for just about every use, at every cost. Always be sure to do your homework, check reviews, and make an educated buying decision.